What Is The Mayor’s Role

The City of Franklin operates on the weak mayor system.  The Board of Mayor and Aldermen are the voting body.  The mayor votes only in the instance of a tie.  The mayor sets the overall tone of the City.  The mayor also appoints individuals to committees and follows the guidelines set forth in the City Charter as drafted by our state legislature.

This is from our city charter and explains what the mayor’s specific role is within the City of Franklin.

Section 1. – Chief Executive.

The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city.

Section 2. – Powers and Duties.

(a) Give to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, from time to time, information relative to the condition of the city.

(b) Recommend to the Board for its consideration such measures as he may deem expedient for the interests of the city.

(c) See to the enforcement of the ordinances of the city, and to the preservation of its health and peace. In emergencies he is empowered to call to his aid every male inhabitant of the city in such enforcement, and the Board may prescribe penalties for a failure to obey such call.

(d) Perform such duties imposed upon him by this Charter, other law, or by ordinance not inconsistent with this Charter or other law.

Section 3. – Temporary Appointments and Suspensions.

The mayor shall have power to make pro tempore appointments to fill vacancies occasioned by sickness, absence, or other disability of any officer appointed by the Board, and to suspend any such officer for misconduct in office or for neglect of duty. he shall report such suspension with his reasons therefor to the next regular meeting of the Board which shall take final action thereon.

Section 4. – Deleted.

(This section was deleted by Priv. Acts 1991, ch. 73, § 5.)

Section 1. – Officers.

The following officers shall be appointed or confirmed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, as determined by ordinance, and shall serve at the will and pleasure of the board: City Administrator, City Recorder, Treasurer, all department heads. The board may confirm one (1) person to serve as both city administrator and recorder. The board shall by ordinance fix the salaries of all officers, which shall be the sole compensation to which they shall be entitled.

(As replaced by Priv. Acts 1987, ch. 45, § 3)

Section 2. – Duties of City Administrator.

There shall be created the full-time position of City Administrator for the City of Franklin. The city administrator shall be nominated by the mayor, advised by an ad hoc search committee, and confirmed affirmative vote of a majority of the board. The administrator shall serve at the will and pleasure of the board.

The duties of the city administrator shall be set by ordinance, and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1)Take executive direction only from the mayor.

(2) Discuss city business, including constituent concerns, with members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

(3) Appoint, transfer, demote, discipline, or discharge department heads. The Board may by ordinance or rule establish hearing and appeals procedures governing such actions by the City Administrator, but no such procedure shall contain provision for appeal to or review by the Board. The decision of the City Administrator shall be final.

(4) Give executive direction to department heads.

(5) Prepare the budget.

(6) Participate in the preparation of long-range plans as they affect budget considerations.

(7)Perform such other duties required by this charter or other law, and such duties as may be required by ordinance not inconsistent with this charter or other law.

(As replaced by Priv. Acts 1987, ch. 45, § 3, and amended by Priv. Acts 2008, ch. 79, § 1)