We endorse Gabrielle for these reasons

1. Hanson will be a strong conservative on fiscal and social issues as demonstrated by her voting record.

2.  Hanson will not cave to authorities wanting to place mandates or infringe on rights of citizens. She was against the mask mandates that were implemented by the city and would not allow future mandates or other infringements on our rights.

3.  Hanson is very much against special favors or deals that get done (like the Middle 8 project) that are not good for Franklin. She voted against approval of this project.

4.  Hanson would work toward improving the Employee Satisfaction of Franklin city employees (including Police and Fire) and reversing a trend toward a woke culture among city employees. A recent survey showed that there was large employee dissatisfaction among city employees and concerns over a trend toward woke culture.

5.  Hanson would not allow the city property to be used for sexually themed events like Pride or otherwise. She will protect children from lewd behavior like the drag shows performed at Pride events in the past.

Additionally, current Mayor Moore is not endorsable due to the following (mostly on record).

1. He has a history of being for placing mandates related to masks on the city. While he says he won’t do it in the future, most conservatives don’t believe him and believe he would likely cave to medical authorities in the future.

2.  Mayor Moore was the deciding vote on allowing the Franklin Pride event despite the history of bad behavior including lewd acts in front of children. He wrote city proclamations welcoming the event to the city, so he not only voted for a permit he openly endorsed the event that so many conservatives were against.

3.  Mayor Moore has overseen Franklin employee growth which is resulting in a trend toward wokeism and large dissatisfaction among employees.

4.  Mayor Moore supported the Middle 8 project which is an ultra high density project. This project is viewed by many to have lots of issues and potentially a special favor to Toby Mac who is behind the project.

5.  Mayor Moore was not supportive of a Thales school project that was put before BOMA. Thales school is known to have fantastic private schools with very affordable tuition of around $5,000 per year, and the Mayor did not support this project that would have benefited many families in Franklin.

6.   Mayor Moore has overseen a huge debt increase. In addition, he wants to build a new city hall and spend another $100mill plus which would be mostly debt. If that happens, the possibility that we are headed toward a large tax increase is high.

7.  Mayor Moore was elected mayor in 2010. Most conservatives believe in some form of term limits. 13 years is long enough.

We encourage all Westhaven Conservative members to support Alderman Hanson to become Mayor of Franklin. If anyone needs a sign, please let us know. If you provide an address, we can have one delivered to you.

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