As Mayor of Franklin, I am committed to restoring and upholding the wholesome values that have long been the foundation of our city’s identity. I firmly believe in preserving our traditional family values and ensuring that Franklin remains a safe and nurturing environment for our children to grow and flourish. In the face of increasing challenges from the global platform, I will be a steadfast defender of our community’s principles.

Together, we will stand against radical ideologies and protect the sanctity of life and safeguard the interests of our families. By fostering an environment that embraces personal responsibility and limited government intervention, we can empower our citizens to pursue their dreams and thrive in their endeavors. I am dedicated to safeguarding our religious liberties, enabling us to freely practice our faith and uphold the moral fabric of our community.

Under my leadership, Franklin will remain a beacon of traditional values, where families can find strength, security, and opportunities for a prosperous future. Together, we will protect our children from harmful influences and ensure that they are raised with the time-honored principles that have shaped our great nation. By standing united in our conservative values, we can build a better future for all Franklin residents, safeguarding our city from the divisive agendas.