On October 24th, Franklin will host elections for several positions in their city government. Here are some of the candidates running on a populist conservative platform, so those who will be participating in the elections next month will have an idea of where these candidates stand on the issues people care about the most.

Gabrielle Hanson (Mayor of Franklin)

For the first time in a long time, Mayor Ken Moore will be challenged in the upcoming election for Mayor of Franklin. In a recent report, Election Administrator Chad Gray noted that the mayoral race could draw more voters than usual.  

This could be very good news for Gabrielle Hanson, a current City of Franklin Alderman At-Large. 

According to her website and bio listed there, Hanson serves on the National League of Cities Small City Council and the Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations Federal Advocacy Committee.  Additionally, she is the former Chair of RPAC at the Williamson County Association of Realtors, served on the National Association of Realtors RPAC Participation Committee where she won top honors for Tennessee. She is also a successful commercial real estate broker in Middle Tennessee whose accolades include Realtor of the Year.

While these accomplishments are impressive, it seems the reasons most of the people who support her are doing so because of her recent stands she has made in confronting the ever-growing LGBTQ+ agenda, and the effect that is having directly on the city of Franklin. 

Hanson was one of just a couple of Alderman who opposed the use of Harlinsdale Park, a public space, for Franklin Pride to have their annual festival. 

In addition to her stance for traditional family values, Ms. Hanson has elaborated her position on all the issues that will matter most to those who reside in Franklin, on her campaign website, which you can find here

Hanson has already received the endorsement of Westhaven Conservatives, an influential local conservative group that is very active in Franklin City politics and has a reputation for choosing those who truly reflect the conservative values that they feel would best benefit the city and the area. 

Gary Moore (Alderman At Large)

Running against incumbent Brandy Blanton is Gary Moore, a born and raised Tennessee native and 22-year resident of Williamson County. Moore spent 38 years working in agriculture, leading farm conservation policy and funding for all landowners in seven counties across the state.  He lives with his wife Martha, in Franklin, where they spend their free time with family and leading their church group where they attend at World Outreach Church. 

A lifelong conservative and member of both the Williamson County GOP and TRP, Moore’s position on the issues reflects his conservatism and that of the people who live and work in Franklin and want to see it keep its traditional values. 

From his campaign website, where you can see all of what he has to say about his position on the issues, he says regarding children and families which is arguably the bedrock of traditional values, “Children and their families have the right to be safeguarded from social, mental, cultural, sexual, and physical harm. This safeguarding assures their innocence, promised first by God and their parents. The sexualization of our children in our culture today is wrong. It is the sole responsibility under the watchful eyes of their parents. I will monitor the city permits and functions that attract those who oppose our traditional and moral values.”

Patrick George (Alderman At Large)

Running for the seat vacated by Hanson, is Patrick George, who describes himself as “Husband, Father, Chaplain, Business Executive, and a man deeply grounded in Christian Constitutional Conservative values.” 

Married with a young daughter, his experience is diverse having spent many years in executive leadership, in multi-national corporations and an education that includes a B.S. Industrial Technology, as well as a Master of Divinity Chaplaincy from Liberty University. He also belongs to American Association of Christian Counseling – Grief, Crisis and Disaster Counseling, and Senior Advisor to the Vice Chairman and Executive board of the World Trade Centers Association – 750,000 member companies located in over 90 countries.

George’s primary positions based on the content included on his campaign website, are:

• Pro individual liberties that safeguard our children and families which includes parental rights, and authority, Protection and security, and individual liberty.

• Pro small business policies that strengthen the local economy and preserve our heritage, which includes cultural preservation.

• Pro infrastructure that supports managed growth and sensible development.

George’s website says, “He sees in Franklin’s rich history and community a place where families can grow in faith, love, and mutual respect.”

You can see all of what George’s campaign has to offer here on his campaign website.

Jeff Feldman (Alderman At Large)

Running against incumbent Ann Peterson is Jeff Feldman, a Blue State Refugee with a passion for preserving the conservative values that brought Feldman to Tennessee, and specifically to Franklin to make his home with his wife Natalie. 

Feldman’s background professionally includes entrepreneurship as a business owner of and realtor, as well as pursuing a passion for helping people with their mental health struggles and obtaining his degree and becoming a mental health care provider. In the last decade, he’s been a managing partner/owner in several businesses including restaurants, apparel printing, aerospace and a water company.

When asked what his platform issues include, Feldman expressed that some of his primary concerns have to do with the following issues: 

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: “I’m committed to actively engaging with the community, listening to residents’ concerns and incorporating their feedback into my decision-making. I understand that the strength of a community lies in its collective voice. I promise to be a voice of the people, as leaders in government are supposed to be.”

EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP: “With a track record of almost 20 years of leadership roles in running businesses, managing employees and people, community organizations and local initiatives, I have demonstrated my ability to bring people together, collaborate, and drive positive change.”

QUALITY OF LIFE: “My overall goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for residents. I envision a community where people of all ages can thrive, work, play, and enjoy a fulfilling life.”

SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT: “As an entrepreneur I understand that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy. I’m committed to creating an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and supports local businesses. Think of me as your consultant.”

You can read about the rest of Feldman’s positions on the issues, at his website which you will find here.

On October 24th, residents of Franklin will have an opportunity to decide if they have been happy with the way the city has been run for the better part of three decades. If that answer is no, then it looks like there may be some candidates that more properly reflect the values they cherish about their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. 

Article Official Source:
Meet The Grassroots Conservative Candidates Running In the Franklin Elections Coming Next Month – Tennessee Conservative (tennesseeconservativenews.com)

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