Sustainable Growth

As Mayor of Franklin, I am dedicated to preserving the unique charm and appeal that our city offers. I believe in sustainable growth that benefits everyone, from young professionals returning after college to retirees seeking a peaceful and thriving community. To achieve this, I will prioritize the protection of our natural beauty and open green spaces, ensuring that they remain untouched for generations to come. Working hand-in-hand with developers, I will champion responsible land use, creating lifestyle living opportunities that reflect the best-in-class standards while making wise use of our land resources. By implementing innovative sustainability measures and promoting eco-friendly practices, we can ensure that Franklin continues to be a place we are proud to call home.

Health, Safety and Welfare of Citizens

The safety and well-being of our citizens are paramount to me. As your Mayor, I will stand unwaveringly in support of our police force and first responders, ensuring they have the resources they need to protect our community. Furthermore, I believe in promoting cultural values that are appropriate for all ages, creating an environment where our children can grow and thrive with strong moral foundations. Additionally, I will be a vocal advocate for programs and initiatives that promote physical and mental well-being across our community. By prioritizing the health and safety of our citizens, we can foster a more cohesive and caring environment for all Franklin residents.


With a focus on upgrading and expanding our infrastructure while exploring fiscally sound options, my administration will tackle the challenges of expanding into Urban Growth Boundaries. I am committed to welcoming economic development that diversifies our local economy, stimulates our tax base, and keeps property taxes in check. By conducting thorough reviews and making cuts where necessary, we can eliminate internal waste, unnecessary regulations, and fees. Embracing technological advancements and innovative solutions, we will streamline department operations, reducing dependence on consultants and maximizing taxpayer value. My goal is to ensure that every dollar spent is invested wisely and efficiently, benefiting the entire Franklin community.

The Future of Franklin

Franklin’s allure lies in its undeniable charm and rural character. As your Mayor, I am dedicated to preserving and enhancing these unique attributes that brought you to our city. Through community engagement and open dialogues, I will listen to the concerns and aspirations of our citizens, incorporating their insights into our plans for the future. My vision is to sustain Franklin as a place where families can build their lives, businesses can thrive, and visitors are warmly welcomed with southern hospitality. Together, we will create a future for Franklin that is even brighter than its storied past, ensuring that this remarkable city remains an inviting and captivating destination for generations to come.

Restoring Traditional Values and Protecting Our Families

As Mayor of Franklin, I am committed to restoring and upholding the wholesome values that have long been the foundation of our city’s identity. I firmly believe in preserving our traditional family values and ensuring that Franklin remains a safe and nurturing environment for our children to grow and flourish. In the face of increasing challenges from the global platform, I will be a steadfast defender of our community’s principles.

Small Business Support and Economic Growth

Small businesses are the backbone of our community and the driving force behind our local economy. As Mayor, I will champion policies that foster a business-friendly environment, reducing red tape and regulations that burden entrepreneurs. I will advocate for policy to encourage business growth and job creation. By creating a thriving business ecosystem, we can attract more investment, stimulate economic growth, and ensure prosperity for all residents.

250th Anniversary of the Founding of the United States

America’s 250th anniversary is a momentous occasion that we, as proud citizens of Franklin, must celebrate with utmost patriotism and enthusiasm. As your Mayor, I will actively engage with our community, encouraging every citizen to participate in planning and organizing a year-long series of events commemorating this historic milestone in our nation’s history. Through parades, concerts, celebrations, and an array of family-friendly activities, we will showcase our deep appreciation for the founding principles that have made America great. The festivities will be a testament to our unity, love for our country, and the indomitable spirit of the people of Franklin. Together, we will honor our nation’s past, embrace the present, and forge a brighter future, as we continue to create a city that exemplifies the true essence of America’s founding ideals.